Chick It Out 2020

Registration is now open for Chick it Out 2020!

Classrooms registered for Chick it Out will receive 1 dozen fertilized chicken eggs from University of Illinois campus and enough chicken feed to last the few days you have your chicks. Incubator, egg turner, candler and embryology curriculum are available for check-out from the University of Illinois Extension Office.

Click here for details & to get signed up.

Spring 2020 Purple Plow Challenge: Go with the Flow

Challenge your students to defeat the dead zones!

In this challenge, students will learn about the impact of runoff in rural and urban areas and its effects on the environment as well as plan for solutions to this growing issue of dead zones, hypoxia, and overall water quality.

Students will research, students will design, test and demonstrate a solution to answer the question: How can we improve the quality of our runoff and, in turn, reduce dead zones in our water resources?

Get all the resources here:

Challenge deadline May 15!

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