Farm Fresh Podcast: Farm Hats


“Farm Hats” creator Kent Blunier is one of many farmers who share ‘felfies’ (farmer selfies) on the group’s Facebook page.

Farmers can literally and figuratively wear a lot of different hats in a day. About a year ago, the thought inspired Livingston County farmer, Kent Blunier, to create Facebook group called “Farm Hats.

The idea took root and quickly grew to include farmers from around the world who post “felfies” or farmer-selfies about their day to day activities and what ‘hat’ they might be wearing.

Get the story from the farmer who got the ball rolling in this week’s Farm Fresh Podcast. Plus listen every Wednesday at 12:45 for the Farm to Table segment on WJBC Radio. Plus make sure you check out the Farm Hats group on Facebook!


Farm Fresh Answers Podcast
Farm Fresh Answers Podcast
Farm Fresh Podcast: Farm Hats

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  • I like what I’m seeing here. I’m not a farmer, but this looks like a very interesting site!!!! I’ll come back at another time, perhaps you could show me how to be a member!!!!!

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