Let’s Get Poppin’

See what’s popping with Illinois’ official state snack – popcorn!

Popcorn Reading & Ag-tivities

Visit popcorn.org for more great lessons, science experiments & ideas

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Popcorn Videos

Dairy Ag in a Bag

Discover all things dairy from moo to you! Learn about dairy cows and all of the foods they provide including milk, cheese, yogurt and ice cream. Find more dairy details here.

Each Ag in a Bag includes:

  • An Ag Mag
  • Handouts/worksheets
  • Supplies for 1-2 hands-on STEM activities
  • Links to videos & more!

Ag in a Bags are provided for free to schools in McLean County, Illinois. To request the Dairy Ag in a Bag, please e-mail us.