IL “Eggs” In the Classroom

Whether you’re learning remotely or in the classroom, check out Illinois “Eggs” In the Classroom for daily videos of the incubation process!

Your students can follow the flock each day and learn from home!

Check out the complete playlist on YouTube:

Online Reading Materials:


Animation of Chick Development

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Jr./Sr. High School Resources

Ag in the Classroom has great e-learning resources for junior & senior high school students! Check out some of these options:

Journey 2050 – A virtual farm simulation that explores world food sustainability. Students explore how to sustainably feed the world’s growing population by 2050. Once you register as a teacher, your students can enter your teacher code before playing each level and the game will generate a student report.

Hungry Planet – What the World Eats – explore the global food supply with portraits of 30 families from around the world showing what one week of groceries looks like for their family

Purple Plow Puzzlers – hands-on STEM activities. Some of these can be done with simple materials that students may have around the house.

Growing a Nation – an interactive timeline of the history of Agriculture in the United States

Ag Explorer – virtual field trips to explore ag careers. Each one has an educator guide with options for extension activities.

Journey of a Gene – explore biotechnology and the science of genetic engineering with step-by-step videos, computer based activities and quizzes

Terra Nova Readers

Illinois Ag in the Classroom has Terra Nova readers available online for a variety of subjects. These full color readers offer a great resource for Math, Science, Social Studies, Language and Writing  in a nonfiction text.

Each 4-page reader also has a set of questions.

Click here for all of the readers and question sets arranged by topic or check out our Pinterest board:

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