Pollinator Ag in a Bag

From bees to birds and butterflies, find out about pollinators with our Pollinator Ag in a Bag! Find more pollinator activities & ideas details here.

Each Ag in a Bag includes:

  • An Ag Mag
  • Handouts/worksheets
  • Supplies for 1-2 hands-on STEM activities
  • Links to videos & more!

Ag in a Bags are free to schools in McLean County, Illinois. To request the Pollinator Ag in a Bag, please e-mail us.


From birds to bees and butterflies explore the importance of pollinators!

Pollinator Ag in a Bag

McLean County (IL) teachers can request FREE ag mags and activity kits for their classroom: Click here

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Pollinator Games

Pollinator Videos: