National Ag Day

Do you know where your food comes from? Most of it starts on an American farm! The U.S. is the world’s top food exporter.

National Ag Day is March 19, 2024

National Ag Day celebrates all things agriculture & the people who grow food, feed, fuel & fiber. Visit to learn more.

Reading Materials

Learning Ag-tivities:

Find more General Agriculture lessons here!

Chicks: Hatching Hands on Learning

Check out these egg-cellent learning activities all about poultry!

McLean County (IL) teachers can McLean County (IL) teachers can request ag mags and poultry activity kits for their classroom: Click here or find out how to participate in the Chick it Out program to hatch chicks in your classroom!

Illinois Eggs in the Classroom: Daily videos for 21-day incubation

Poultry Ag in a Bag

Reading Materials & Ag-tivities:

Animation of Chick Development

Books to Read – set up a FREE account on to read these online books for FREE!

For the Love for Agriculture

From Chocolate to Flowers, check out these Valentine’s Day connections to agriculture!




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